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RV Parks In Arizona

RV Parks In Arizona

When we looked at a number of different locales in the southwest, and particularly RV parks in Arizona, to go to during the nasty Chicago winters we had become so used to prior to retirement, we found one that stood out amongst the crowd: Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort offers more than do the other RV parks in Arizona.

At Palm Creek, my husband and I were amazed by the attentive staff, great golfing, and a vast number of other activities in the community available for us.  Also, the sheer number of different BBQs, events, holiday parties, and get-togethers was a nice additional piece to complement the rest.

Our experience with RV parks in Arizona will forever be marked by the great initial impression we had at Palm Creek.  I recommend it to any others worried about trying new RV parks in Arizona for the first time.

Leave Your Worries at the Gates; Palm Creek is one of the Best RV Parks in Arizona!

Given that my husband loves to golf, and I like it too, but I’m not really as crazy about it, one of the things I was looking for in RV parks in Arizona was other activities I could do while he was out playing his daily round.  What I found at Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort was plenty of options.  Crafts classes included pottery, sewing, quilting, oil and watercolor painting, stained glass, and monthly craft fairs featuring vendors from around the state.  As far as most RV parks in Arizona go, none come close to this lineup from Palm Creek.

To learn more or schedule a reservation, check out https://palmcreekgolf.com/events/amenities-and-services/.


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