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Golf RV AZ

Golf RV AZ

As a newly retired couple, the Mrs. and I were looking for a golf RV AZ location where we could vacation at winter after winter.  We wanted someplace that would become familiar with some of the same faces every year and some new ones.  We wanted a caring and accommodating staff and a community feel that offered lots of events and activities for us to do as we chose.

Of course, we both wanted golf and the ability to drive our RV down as an option, so we looked up golf RV AZ on the internet, and found Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort.  Little did we know how much we’d come to love this place and look forward to every visit each winter.

Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort Offers All You Need in a Golf RV AZ Destination

At Palm Creek, you can enjoy all of the following without ever leaving the golf RV AZ resort:

  • Lawn bowling
  • Pickleball
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics
  • Card games like bridge, pinochle, cribbage, poker, and euchre (a northern favorite transplanted to AZ)
  • Crafts classes including pottery, sewing, quilting, oil and watercolor painting, woodshop and carving, lapidary, silversmith, stained glass, computer, crafts, and monthly craft fairs featuring vendors from around the state.

What’s more, where most golf RV AZ parks offer a couple activities per week, Palm Creek offers hundreds of activities per week and several per day.  With holiday events, BBQs, and then sporting activities like lawn bowling, tennis, softball, and more, while Palm Creek is just one of several golf RV AZ options to choose from, it’s the one that has its residents raving and keeps us coming back year after year.

You can take a look for yourself at, and while there you can even request a reservation and the staff will get right back to you.  Good luck in your golf RV AZ search.


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