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As we went to retire last year and spend our first winter in the south rather than dealing with all the cold up north, we ran a search for RV golf resorts AZ after several friends had told us how beautiful Arizona is . . . not to mention the great weather.

We were sorely disappointed with our first RV golf resorts AZ, though, as the golf course was not well-maintained and there just wasn’t a lot going on in the community – no events or no one was there when there was an event.  Needless to say, we were looking for something more in our RV golf resorts AZ experience.

So, we did another RV golf resorts AZ search and found Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort.  We made a reservation for our RV the same day and a day after that, we were enjoying appetizers and cocktails with new friends at Palm Creek.

Don’t Waste Your Time With Other RV Golf Resorts AZ; Choose Palm Creek and Don’t be Disappointed

The staff at Palm Creek recognizes that you’re there to enjoy yourself, and that they’re there to help you do so.  At the other RV golf resorts AZ place we visited, this was not the case.  So, imagine our surprise when we see attendants and servers with smiles on their faces (not annoyed that they had to work or anything).

The other great part about Palm Creek?  The golf of course!   The scenery at Palm Creek really is something to behold.  The manicured fairways are one part, but the spectacular mountain views really put you in a place that few RV golf resorts AZ have to offer.  I immediately took advantage of the course’s golf options.  If you need clubs or pull carts, they can supply all your golf needs right from your moment of check-in.  They also have a Pro Shop that’s open seven days a week.  They have leagues for you to enter to compete against others – whether you’re a pro league golfer or brand new to the game, Palm Creek has a tournament for your skill level.  Also, as a RV golf resorts AZ destination, they have special rates for residents and bulk purchase options.

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