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Living and working in the northwest my entire life, when it came time to retire, my wife and I immediately looked for someplace southern where we could spend our winters.  I ran a search for Arizona RV Resorts as an option given that we have a 48’ trailer and ideally wanted to use that rather than buying another home or doing a vacation rental.

The results from the Arizona RV Resorts search were forever long; there were many options, but after we narrowed down to a shorter list the Arizona RV Resorts that had golf (of course) but other activities as well and then swimming options, and most importantly for us, a community feel where we could either choose to engage with other vacationers and residents or just do our own thing, the number one results in the Arizona RV Resorts search was Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort.

Choose Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort as Your Arizona RV Resorts Destination

With a wide range of activities available at, Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort asked us to write a review of their community so that others could experience what we’ve found.  Their activities seem to be endless, including:

  • Lawn bowling
  • Pickleball
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics
  • Card games like bridge, pinochle, cribbage, poker, and euchre (a northern favorite transplanted to AZ)
  • Crafts classes including pottery, sewing, quilting, oil and watercolor painting, woodshop and carving, lapidary, silversmith, stained glass, computer, crafts, and monthly craft fairs featuring vendors from around the state.

The bottom line is, you can run your own internet search for Arizona RV Resorts and sift through all the results, or you can take a look at Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort and maybe even end your search right there.  Visit; you may even see a picture there of me and the Mrs.
Good Luck in your Arizona RV Resorts search,

Henry and Merle
Portland, OR, now enjoying warm weather and 9 holes every morning at Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort


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